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seth perry


Date of Birth:
Thursday 17th June 1971

Member Since:
Wednesday 13th December 2006

bath but moving to cheltenham before xmas

I love all sport and am a kean runner.I play cricket and badmington well i believe.I am a personal trainer in the bath area .Ive been working for coaching agencies in the bath and bristol area for a year now .I am now a very mature student at glos uni studying sports education with a view to teaching at a secondary school in the future.Ive played the guitar for a few years and was connected to james booth from the band the eleventh hour.I set up a band when i first moved to bath called two moon junction which never quite made battle of the bands (too many leaders).My top ten albums off the top of my head would be the the husk,rem lifes rich pageant,rolling stones goats head soup ,happy mondays pills thrills and belly aches,that petrol emotion,wonder stuff 8 legged grove machine,talk talk eden,lloyd cole and finally Eats most intreaging sell me a god. seth

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Sunday 18th November 2018 14:44:55pm