Sunday 18th November 2018 14:47:16pm

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beaver fuel


Date of Birth:
Monday 3rd May 1976

Member Since:
Wednesday 20th December 2006


I have a band called Beaver Fuel and people often refer to me personally by that name, mainly because it took ages to recruit the other members. My real name is Leigh, and I'm nearly as girly as the spelling. I write songs about whatever happens to inspire me at the time, it's just unfortunate that women's bum cleavage inspires me a little too often. I have someone else to blame for the hamsters, although that doesn't let me off the hook completely. My crappest joke of a title is probably 'Strapped for Gash', but people seem to like it. Fuck 'em if they don't.

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Sunday 18th November 2018 14:47:16pm