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Long-standing corner of the internet nominally for the discussion of mr g and rich and/or matters relating, such as that band they did with that guy from that other band. If you're stumped for your password try submitting a message containing your email address and any angry junk as your password, and we'll reset you.

Dolittle's The Irresistible Charm Of Baby Owls is still available - with UK p&p, EU p&p, or ROW p&p.

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When you post a new message, it will be placed at the top of the board. If your message receives many replies, it will be kept at the top of the board while users are actively posting replies to it. If nobody replies to your message, then other posts will take over its place at the top of the board.
You must register before posting on this board. Use the link at the top of the page to register a username and password. After registering you will have to wait a short while for somebody to confirm your registration before being able to post. Usernames are not case sensitive, so if you register dave, for example, you can also post as Dave, DAve, DAVe, DAVE, dAVE, daVE, davE, DavE, dAVe, dAvE, DaVe, dAve, daVe, DaVE, DAvE and so on. However, there are certain characters that you cannot use in your name - "\'*/:;<>?\|@. If you include any of these characters in your name, with or without a password, you will be unable to register.
One of the features available is to fill in some details about yourself, link to your website and an image and have it shown in the profile section for other users to find out a bit about you. You can fill in as much or as little of this as you want - just leave any fields blank that you don't want to use.
Posting HTML in messages and your profile is restricted. Any HTML tags will be removed from the subject line of a message. Most HTML tags will be removed automatically from the message body as some can be used harmfully. The only allowable tags are in the following list: <a><b><i><u><font>. These should allow you to be able to enhance text etc.

The messageboard will automatically process any pasted links to websites and cause them to display as hyperlinks. It will also process addresses of images into IMG tags to display inline and also youtube URLs into embedded video players. Simply copy the address from your browser and paste into the message text and it will do the rest.

Tag: Used for: How to use: Example:
B Making text Bold. <b>Bold text</b> Bold text
I Making text Italic. <i>Italic text</i> Italic text
U Making text underlined. <u>Underlined text</u> Underlined text
FONT Changing font colour, size and type. <font face="times new roman" size="+3" color="red">Big red text</font> <font face="arial" size="-3" color="green">Small green text</font> Big red text
Small green text

Monday 10th December 2018 23:05:48pm