Thursday 26th April 2018 23:36:03pm

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Posted by mr g at 07:04am on 6th Feb 2017
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mr g

The final and most mysterious element ó the one that created the travel ban ó is Trumpism. This is the ethno-nationalistic aspect of the presidentís governing ideology which springs both from Trumpís own impulses and from ideas nurtured by a handful of his closest aides including Steve Bannon Stephen Miller and several staffers brought over from the alt-right publication Breitbart. Trumpism combines an instinctive belief in zero-sum relations between countries with a narrow and retrograde definition of American identity. And a key aspect of Trumpism is surprise. This is partly due to circumstance: There are no off-the-shelf Trumpist agendas that the White House can immediately translate into policy. But in developing their plans Bannon and Miller have cultivated a maximum amount of secrecy reportedly conscripting GOP legislative aides who hid their work from their own bosses and shielding most of Trumpís own Cabinet from their plans.

Thursday 26th April 2018 23:36:03pm