Friday 30th September 2016 17:47:36pm

Est. 1995. We've been or been in Skinflowers, Mr G and Rich, The Winchell Riots, Mr G's Daily Grind, Gert Lassitude, Dolittle ... this is our Ur-State, the two of us sounding something like this - Terminal Window Demos at Youtube. Much of what we've done has become lost to time, but that's ok - I'm not sure it's our place to write our own history. Nonetheless, key recordings on physical formats increasingly mystifying to anyone younger than us but nonetheless useful in confirming our historical existence if not significance are Skinflowers - Data In A Hurry (2000) and Dolittle - The Irresistible Charm Of Baby Owls (2013).

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Friday 30th September 2016 17:47:37pm